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Leveret Preset Pack

$10.00 CAD

The Leveret presets are for those poets, those film grain lovers, those folks that aren’t afraid of making people FEEL something. They’re extremely versatile and easy to adjust for any type of lighting situation. Whether it be direct, artificial, or backlit, indoors or outdoors these presets won’t let you down.

What’s Included:

  • 4 Lightroom Mobile Presets / .dng files (1 colour / 3 black and white)
  • 4 Lightroom Desktop Presets/ .xmp files (1 colour / 3 black and white)

Presets designed for use in ACR, Lightroom, and Lightroom Mobile for RAW + JPEG files from all camera manufacturers on your Desktop and Mobile device.

There are no refunds on preset purchases. All sales final.