Gerald was born in 1990 and is currently living in Toronto, Canada. He is a graduate of Ryerson University with a bachelor of fine arts, majoring in Photography studies. His photographic imagery is compiled of a conceptual and surrealistic nature, addressing eruptions of his unconscious and suppressed memories. His imagery contest and pushes the boundaries of the photographic process, or image processing. Gerald’s works are driven by a painteresque lens, mainly romanticism, confronting sublime notions of mythology, religion, and spirituality. In terms the imagery is a quotation of part era’s: borrowing aspects, concepts, and styles, combining contemporary practices.


  • Old Tat Magazine
  • Grunge n' Art Magazine 
  • Veux Magazine
  • Dark Beauty Magazine
  • Bricks Magazine
  • MISC Magazine
  • Elegant Magazine
  • FAVE Magazine
  • Applied Arts Magazine
  • Function Magazine
  • Ryerson University Handbook 2012-14
  • Zeum Magazine
  • Glacier Magazine
  • Shots Directory
  • Moxee Magazine

Galleries and Exhibitions

  • See.Me: Miami
  • See.Me: Creatives Rising: NYC
  • President’s Office Exhibition Ryerson University
  • Maximum Exposure 2010-13
  • Snap! :The Snap! Factory
  • Reawakening Image Arts: Function Exhibition
  • Rendered: IMA Gallery
  • Intimate Gestures, Studio 407
  • Applied Arts Exhibition
  • Puncture: IMA Gallery
  • Brighton: Grand Parade Gallery


  • Lo-Fi Magazine
  • Homework Magazine
  • Cake Magazine
  • Ballad of..Magazine
  • Material Girl Magazine
  • BLUR Magazine
  • ROMM Magazine
  • Golden Age Magazine
  • Whim Magazine
  • Thereart
  • Coco Indie Magazine
  • Ottawa Weddings Magazine
  • Worbz
  • Urbania Magazine
  • Paragraph Magazine
  • Vogue Italia - Photo Vogue
  • Photographer & Muse
  • OTM Webzine
  • Magazine Exposure
  • Flickr Explore

Experience/ Awards

  • Function Magazine: 14, Editor and Design, Ryerson University, Toronto 2012-13.
  • Zeum Magazine: Issue 1-3, Web and Page design, Toronto. 2010-11.
  • Photography skills competition. Cornwall, St Lawrence college. Third Place. March 2008.

If interested in any model tests, purchasing prints, etc. Please contact Gerald via email at:

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