Vineland Station Wedding

In September 2015, Mike and Jess decided to venture for some ice cream one night. After hours of laughing together, the ice cream was gone but their story was just beginning.

While returning to her vehicle after attending a Taylor Swift concert in Toronto, Jess noticed that it now had a flat tire. Learning this, Mike offered to come change the tire, only to come to realize that the spare was also flat. Jess offered to buy Mike a sundae from McDonald’s for inadvertently walking through a riot of fans while carrying her flat tire. He accepted the ice cream offering but the true prize was having Jess get home safely, tire filled. 

Jess went away to a four-month abroad program in China. After Jess’s return, their bond strengthened through taking road trips together, buying matching cars, building IKEA furniture together, sharing friends, and celebrating many milestones in one another’s lives, from Jess graduating to Mike landing a position on the police force.

Come February 21, 2020, with Jess still in her pyjamas, Mike got down on one knee and popped the forever question while in their Milton apartment. Since that time, Mike and Jess have purchased their first home in Paris. 

Originally they had booked a venue elsewhere, however, due to Covid-19 restrictions, they had decided to cancel with the venue, reduce the guest list, and move the reception portion into Jess’s parent’s backyard. 

Their vision was of a classic all-white wedding, both romantic and rustic. And their vision for the theme couldn’t have rung more true on October 2, 2021. Mike and Jess got married at their favourite beach in Vineland, Victoria Shores Park.

Venue: Victoria Shores Park, Vineland Station

Dress: Heirlooms Bridal Shoppe Inc. 

Makeup Artist: Victoria Jaski

Suits: Moores Clothing

Rings: Brancier Jeweller 

Dessert: Domenica Marchese